House Speaker (Gov. candidate) Tina Kotek also caught maskless

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Just as Oregon Health Authority is writing rules to make indoor masks a permanent rule in Oregon, Oregon Governor Kate Brown and House Speaker (and 2020 Governor candidate) Tina Kotek went maskless at a political Washington DC fundraiser.

Embarrassed by the mishap, Governor Brown’s office did damage control by telling KATU “Governor Brown went further and remained masked during the event except when giving her acceptance speech, eating, or taking pictures with attendees”.

But a photo issued by the Oregon Senate GOP shows otherwise


Politicians may try to justify their maskless antics by saying that they are in a place where it is not required.   Indoor masking may not be required in Washington DC because that town could be a low-risk area, which makes coming from Oregon (a high risk area as politicians tell us) even more important to wear a mask.  Or it may be that many of the other 45 states without an indoor mask rule are just like Oregon and that our mask rule is unnecessary as a mandate.


From our previous article

Governor Kate Brown was previously spotted last year hiking without a mask during her short-lived outdoor mask rule.


Don’t forget Governor Brown jumped ahead of her age group to get a vaccine after she previously publicly pledged not to do it.


Here is Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler violating the mask rule a few months ago.



Here is from last month a NY Times chart showing Oregon as the only state among five that still have an indoor mask rule:


Why do mask rules apply to citizens but not politicians?


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