Gov. Brown punishes KATU-TV for exposing her maskless

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

KATU-TV reporters have been on the front lines of journalism exposing corruption

More recently, KATU-TV reporter Genevieve Reaume was the first to report about OHA’s plan to make Oregon’s mask rules permanent and also Governor Brown not wearign a mask at a DC event.  Now the Governor, who rarely makes herself avaiable, won’t take questions from KATU-TV news.

KATU explains,

“On Friday, neither of KATU’s reporters were called on. Both Kellee Azar and Genevieve Reaume were logged into the virtual news conference held on Zoom. Genevieve was one of the first reporters to join the news conference and the first reporter to raise their hand with a question. Despite the early log-on, KATU was never afforded the opportunity to ask any questions. The governor took questions, usually multiple questions, from other media outlets during the 35 minutes allotted for Q&A…But KATU has asked the governor’s office repeatedly this month, ahead of any news of a news conference, for an interview with the governor. Her office never responded to those requests. The silence started shortly after KATU reported on the governor attending a gala in Washington, D.C. Brown was pictured repeatedly without a mask. Nearly all the other attendees were mask-less. There was no indoor mask mandate in D.C. at the time.”

Both House Speaker and Governor Brown were maskless at the event noted by KATU-TV News:

Governor Brown was previously caught maskless in July 2020 when she required masks for all outdoor activity:

Punishing news outlets with censorship for reporting on truthful stories is wrong.

This is so wrong.

This is immoral.

This only serves to make politicians more unaccountable and more unresponsive to the people.

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