Top Oregon award: KATU’s Reaume, Ngo, Baertschiger, Drazan

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Taxpayers Association is giving the 2021 Thomas Jefferson Award (for advancing liberty) to two outstanding journalists, Genevieve Reaume and Andy Ngo, who have been repeatedly attacked and harassed for their reporting.

The Association is also awarding the (pandemic delayed) 2020 Thomas Jefferson award to Honorable Herman Baertschiger and State Representative Christine Drazan for their role in stopping the 2020 Carbon Tax — one of the worst Oregon taxes in modern memory.



Genevieve Reaume, KATU-TV reporter
Censored by Governor for reporting on Governor violating her own Covid rules
• Brown is actively blocking questions/emails by Reaume as if she is blacklisted
• Reaume was assaulted by anarchists while reporting on Portland riots
• Anarchists smashed her phone and hand during the assault
• A KATU-TV crew was also attacked by rioters in November
KATU & Reaume report from dangerous areas other media is reluctant to visit
Reaume is like Oregon’s Lady of Liberty for journalism

Photo: Anarchists assaulted Reaume, smashing her phone at the Red House occupation zone where rioters took over five city blocks for several days and covered the area with “Kill press”, “kill cops” and “kill landlords” messages.


Andy Ngo, Journalist, best selling author
• As a Portland State student, Ngo was threatened for simply hosting student panel discussions on topical subjects
• Ngo was assaulted at a Portland Antifa/anarchist rally in 2019
• He was hospitalized with hemorrhage bleeding in the brain
• Little was done to prosecute those involved or make future protest riots safer
• Repeated death threats against Ngo and family forced him to leave the country
• He published a groundbreaking book, Unmasked, which exposed Antifa
• Antifa harassed Powell’s Books and their customers with flash mobs
• Ngo’s book was pulled from shelves by Powell’s Books.
• The book ban ushered a new era of acceptable censorship by means of violence in Oregon
• In May 2021, Ngo was assaulted again while reporting on an Antifa rally in Portland
• Ngo was beaten bloody in a public street with no one to help as both reporters and police keep far away from such anarchist rallies

Photo: Antifa showing up to Andy Ngo’s family house in the middle of the night following death threats



Herman Baertschiger,
Josephine Co. Commissioner, Ex-State Senator

Christine Drazan,
State Representative, Ex-Minority Leader

• Both helped stop the $700 million Carbon Tax in 2020
• The Carbon Tax, if passed, could have raised gas prices 72-cents
• The Carbon Tax, if passed, could have increased utility costs by double digits
• Carbon Tax included a (fake) Emergency Clause blocking voters from immediately petitioning against it.
• Herman & Christine demanded no blocking public’s right to vote on the tax
• Herman & Christine suffered many political attacks for protecting families from this monstrous tax
• Gov. Brown, so devastated by the Carbon Tax defeat, that she took matters in her own hands
• Brown bypassed the Legislature, Constitution and public vote to enact her own Carbon Tax scheme
• Brown’s unconstitutional scheme is expected to fail in court and deal a blow to her undemocratic ways
• Everything about the Carbon Tax is so corrupt and destructive, it behooves us to honor Herman and Christine for their heroism and protection of the smallest of Oregonians who would have been painfully devastated by this tax.

For over 20 years, The Thomas Jefferson Award has been awarded by the Taxpayers Association of Oregon to honor those who helped advance the cause of liberty.  Previous award winners have been the late great State Senator Gary George, Lars Larson, former Secretary of State Dennis Richardson and Cascade Policy Institute founder and genius think-tanker Steve Buckstein.

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Note: The 2020 Thomas Jefferson Award was announced to recipients in March 2020 the very month Covid exploded.  It was chosen to delay celebrations until later.