Gov. Brown to have less money if you use 2021 tax credit

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

That’s right. It is a government match program, so if you use your Oregon Political Tax Credit the government will match your donation (up to $50 person/$100 couple). It is better than a deduction because you get 100% of your donation back. If you don’t use it, then Governor Brown and State politicians get to keep the funds (they would’ve sent you) and waste it on whatever they wish.

Yes, waste your tax dollars like when…

• State lawmakers gave themselves $1.2 million in tax funds to pay their lawyers to settle sexual harassment lawsuits.
• OHSU spent $51,000 of tax dollars studying the effects of alcohol on bird singing.
• Thousands of tax dollars for Xbox video game machines for prisoners to pass time.

If you do not use your tax credit, then this is what they will waste it on.

Please donate your (free) Oregon Political Tax Credit to the Taxpayers Association Of Oregon PAC which for 20 years has been helping elect tax cutting candidates and toss out tax raising politicians.   If you already used your tax credit, then please consider a tax deductible donation to the Taxpayer Foundation to help investigate government waste, fraud and abuse.

 Contribute online at (learn about a Charitable Tax Deduction or Political Tax Credit options to promote liberty).