Rep. Drazan: Justice for those who attack police

State Representative Christine Drazan,
Press Release,

Statement From Rep. Drazan On Dropped Charges For Serial Rioter Who Assaulted Police

CANBY, Ore. – State Representative Christine Drazan (R-Canby) issued the following statement this morning regarding the U.S. Department of Justice’s decision to drop charges against a serial rioter accused of assaulting Portland Police officers:

“Once again, we’re seeing Portland rioters let off the hook after bringing chaos and violence to our streets. This serial rioter was arrested three times in less than a month, assaulted and repeatedly interfered with police officers trying to keep the peace. In light of federal law enforcement’s refusal to do its duty, I am urging Governor Brown to direct Attorney General Rosenblum to cure this miscarriage of justice by initiating state action against this individual and any criminal rioter who the federal government is refusing to prosecute.”