Rep. David Brock Smith: Special Session is a political stunt

By Representative David Brock Smith,

Second Special Session is Not Necessary and is a Political Stunt in the Attempt to Mask Democrat Failures to Oregonians

SALEM, ORE. – Representative David Brock Smith (R-Port Orford) calls out the failures of the Governor and her Democrat Supermajority to get resources to Oregonians that need them and condemns the purely political fanfare of a Special Session as their hail mary attempt to cover up their disasters in leadership.

“Republicans have solved this issue more than once for Oregonians, with nearly $360 million dollars allocated that includes over $70 million to administration costs for dollars to get to tenants and landlords” said Rep. Brock Smith. “The failure of the Governor’s Oregon Housing and Community Services Department to get these resources out the door is reminiscent of her disastrous Employment Department and their failure to get needed checks to workers that lost their jobs due to her closing businesses and industries in Oregon.”

There are a number of budgetary items on the list for a Special Meeting tomorrow (Saturday) to be heard by a Special Committee appointed by the Speaker and Senate President, to then come to a Monday Special Session. The ONLY piece that needs legislation is the extension of the Eviction Moratorium.

“Extending the eviction moratorium is unnecessary and disruptive”, said Rep. Brock Smith. “Contrary to the Governor’s recent maskless escapades back east, she’s currently directing her agencies to draft permanent mask rules. Oregonians are ready to move forward, get back to work and grow our economies, they are not fans of the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mentality. There is no need for a special session and legislation to extend the moratorium as everyone to date that has applied for relief are in the que and if eligible for rental assistance, are covered. The other needed resources for drought relief, illegal cannabis enforcement and additional rent assistance dollars can be allocated through the Legislative Emergency Board that can meet at any time.”

“Businesses continue to be crippled by a lack of workforce and data from other states clearly shows that an end to their eviction moratoriums had evictions lower than pre-pandemic numbers. An extension will only increase existing fraud within the system, hasten inflation, perpetuate a lack of workforce and add to the looming recession facing Oregon. What we need is Oregonians to have the ability to get back to work, not this political posturing by the Governor and her Democrats. The Speaker’s Gubernatorial campaign doesn’t need another headline of broken promises. In fact, if the Legislature is going to allocate more resources to help renters and landlords, they should give them to Gubernatorial Candidate, State Treasurer Read. He would definitely get them out to Oregonians with the proper information and he could surely use a headline.”