Oregon breaks Covid record. Test kits vanish. Test sites fail.

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Oregon just broke a single-day coronavirus record with a record 4,540 new cases.  Covid cases are up 144% compared to  the past week. Hospitalizations have risen 28%.

In this moment OPB reports that people reported that test kits were “sold out at many stores” and “appointments booked up for several days, long wait times at walk-up test sites, and delays in getting testing results.”

Portland Business Journal reports, “Covid testing, however, is currently difficult to come by. More than 100 cars waited in line on Monday morning outside OHSU’s drive-up Covid-19 testing site for workers according to the Oregon Nurses Association. ONA said in a news release that the backup spilled out of the parking lot where tests were being done and onto hospital access roads, delaying patients’ access to health care services.”

Testing shortage in Oregon has been a problem since September.

At the same time,the virus surge is creating a ‘devastating’ blood shortage according to KOIN-TV.

Oregon is suffering this problem in part to the state being rated ts the nation’s worst hospital capacity (before the pandemic).  This is because Oregon slams their hospitals with hospital taxes and blocks new hires with union-backed anti-competition laws that make it harder to hire new doctors and nurses and regulations making it difficult to build new hospitals.    Governor Brown chose not to spend some four billion of federal Covid relief funds on expanding hospital capacity, but rather dish much of it out on political projects.

Brown’s big union raises, while hospital staff hit nation’s lowest!

Oregon Hospitalization scandal: Did $5B fund help most needy?

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