Newberg pro-recall devolves into vandalism, threats

Pro-recall activists caught destroying anti-recall signs
By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Extreme liberal activists have targeted school board members Dave Brown and Brian Shannon for a recall. The election concludes tonight.

Both School Board members Dave Brown and Brian Shannon have been receiving harassing phone calls at all hours of the night. Even supporters of Brown and Shannon have received such calls. Shannon had someone break into his property. Brown, has received a call from the FBI over one pro-recall activist who publicly stated that she would “completely destroy Brown” at a Democratic Zoom call.

Other forms of harassment have included boycotts of businesses and places of employment of where people work or share their products.

Yamhill Advocate reports, “Missing campaign signs opposing the recall of School Board Directors Brian Shannon and Dave Brown were recovered by police in a nearby resident’s yard.”

Sign vandalism has taken a new new low as pro-recall proponents have been using stickers to turn anti-recall signs into pro-recall signs.

Save our Schools Newberg reports,

“For a community that touts “tolerance” I am amazed at the actions of our opposition’s intolerance! Several of our first wave of yard signs have been stolen all over Newberg. The second wave we put up larger more expensive signs and several have already been stolen off private property! This is not about politics but about illegal theft”

All forms of political harassment, threats and theft are wrong in an election and should agreed by both liberal, conservative, moderate, Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian voters.

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