Newberg votes down recall by liberal activists, Hollywood (early results)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The 10pm election results show the Newberg School Board recall of Dave Brown and Brian Shannon failing by a slim margin with more votes still to count.

NO – 52.06%  (7,407)
YES – 47.94% (6,821)

NO – 52.16% (7,470)
YES – 47.84% (6,852)

The pro-recall side relied on outside funding from liberal people who work in Hollywood to contribute $1,000 and $2,700 to the campaign.

Like many school districts, Newberg suffered from liberal activists who pushed politics at the expense of academic learning — so bad, parents were pulling their kids of the schools.  The Newberg School Board felt something had to be done.   Extremist liberal educators openly defied any compromise or rules by the School Board they didn’t like.  Sometimes this turned into vandalism and threats during the campaign.   Even the American flag was attacked which international news as one teacher took down her United States flag from the classroom teaching that it was basically a symbol of hate and “violence”.

Votes are still being counted.  More updates to come.

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