Jessica Gomez joins parents over outrage on 4 day school week

By Oregon Campaign Watch,

Oregon Governor candidate and tech CEO Jessica Gomez recently was feature dint he Oregonian ewspaper Letters edition. Here is what she said;

“Public education, our students, working parents and businesses, will all be casualties in the battle over the four-day work week. I have recently watched the Democratic Socialists of America and labor unions introduce the concept of a four-day work week with no corresponding reduction in salary or benefits. Now we are seeing a similar trend in Oregon’s schools. The Portland Association of Teachers’ proposal submitted during negotiations would reduce in-person instruction for high schoolers to four days a week, and eliminate two hours a week of classroom instruction for elementary and middle schoolers (“Portland teachers union proposes self-taught Fridays for high schoolers, says educators need more planning time,” Nov. 30).

Oregon schools rank in the bottom third nationally, and reducing classroom instruction time is the wrong direction. A four-day school week would negatively impact our mission to educate Oregon’s children, regardless of economic status, race or first language. But for many on the far left, ideology reigns supreme. They know that if public schools transition to a four-day in-person school week, many parents would have to follow suit with a four-day work week. The negative consequences would be dramatic. It would spell disaster for working families and our economy.

I’m a business owner and understand the challenges in attracting and retaining employees. If elected as your governor, I will insist districts meet instructional requirements with in-person learning and will limit school closures to actual emergencies. Under my leadership, public schools will remain in-person five days a week. Oregonians should expect results from the CEO of this state, not unworkable experiments based purely on party ideology.

Jessica Gomez, Medford”

Jessica Gomez for Governor