Rep. Christine Drazan to Step Down From Legislature, Will Continue Governor Run

By Rep. Christine Drazan Press

CANBY, Ore. – State Representative Christine Drazan (R-Canby) released the following statement today announcing her intent to step down from the Legislature on January 31.

“I made the decision to run for elected office to stand up for my neighbors and work to restore balance in our state. I committed to serve with integrity and authenticity, to fight against policies that hurt people, to be accountable and honest. I found a broken political system where people served their own interests and advanced short-sighted, bumper sticker policies.  I found abusive, entitled powerbrokers shamefully casual about the impacts their decisions had on peoples’ lives. I found gamesmanship that would turn your stomach. It was, and is, the reason our state is among the worst in the nation for access to mental health supports and recovery services, suicide rates, housing prices, cost of living, business tax burden and crime. Parents know that any recent changes in graduation rates are a result of lower education standards, not gains in student learning.  We need balance. We need accountability. We need change. The politically powerful in our state are out of touch with Oregonians. They are failing. Their political leadership has not balanced competing interests or brokered durable compromise. Too many families and businesses are set aside, ignored or attacked, then threatened to comply, compromise or leave. And the people who love this beautiful place we call home have lost faith.

“We are at a crossroads in Oregon. We must decide: more of the same or a new direction. The people who have led a decade of decline cannot be trusted with our future. As House Republican Leader I led a unified caucus in opposition to partisan policies. I negotiated in good faith. I voted for bills that balanced interests. I worked for bipartisan solutions but refused to accept legislation that targeted sectors and communities. I led a walkout to stop an aggressive cap and trade plan that would have raised prices and harmed families and businesses. I stood for Oregonians who suffered during the pandemic. I fought for fair political maps. I worked for policies that supported my constituents.

“I remain determined to do more to serve Oregonians, to restore balance and to fight for our future. In service to this commitment to work for all Oregonians, my final day as State Representative for House District 39 will be January 31, 2022. I want to thank my incredible staff and the nonpartisan staff in the Capitol who serve the process with professionalism and respect the legislative branch as much as I do. I want to also thank my caucus for your friendship. I loved working on your behalf outside the Capitol and in service to your districts within the legislative process.

“Public service is a sacred trust. Not everyone sees it that way, but the job is to do the right thing, to be honest, to uphold the constitution and to protect the values and interests of your community and state. It has been a profound honor to represent my district in Salem and to have led House Republicans on behalf of all Oregonians through difficult circumstances and extraordinary challenges.”