Aeric Estep Announces House District 37 Candidacy

By Aeric Estep | Press

Aeric Estep, West Linn Resident, community organizer, and regular city and county advisory board member is running to become the next State Representative of District 37. He is responding to the need for a steward of our great home.

The needs are obvious. Our government needs to be humble, doing only what is necessary and doing it exceptionally well. We need to be responsible with resources like forests and taxes. Our neighborhoods need to be safe and our neighbors secure. The reality of the tents along our streets is heartbreaking. Our schools and institutions need to be transparent and welcoming, allowing the community to see and speak to them.

“I have long desired to be a good steward of all the gifts I have in my life and now I desire to be a good steward of our district on behalf of my neighbors.”