Lane County Commissioners make over $100k per year. Progressive commissioners asked for a raise anyway.

By Northwest Spotlight

On Wednesday, January 19th, Lane County’s Elected Official Compensation Board presented its proposal for pay increases for elected officials to the Lane County Budget Committee.

The voting members of the Lane County Budget Committee are all 5 of the County Commissioners and 5 of their appointees. The committee voted on a recommendation to give pay increases for the County Commissioners, a motion that failed. In that vote 3 of the members up for election in May voted for increasing their potential future salaries, Joe Berney, Heather Buch, and Dawn Lesley. However, the motion failed because it didn’t receive the six votes required to pass pay increases. The two no votes, West Lane County Commissioner Jay Bozievich and North Eugene County Commissioner Pat Farr.

Lane County Commissioners are currently paid an annual salary of $87,869. The annual total compensation including full family medical and dental insurance and PERs is valued at $101,619. Commissioners are also eligible for a $6,000 annual vehicle stipend.