Rep. Drazan criticizes Sec. of State Fagan’s 2022 legislative agenda, felon voting

By State Representative Christine Drazan,
Press release

SALEM, Ore. – State Representative Christine Drazan (R-Canby) issued the following statement in response to Secretary of State Shemia Fagan’s partisan voting proposals, including allowing voter registration harvesting by third-party organizations and allowing incarcerated felons to vote:

“At a time when there is a profound need to ensure the integrity of elections, Secretary Fagan has proposed a partisan voting agenda that will fuel distrust and introduce real vulnerabilities into our election systems. Oregon is already one of the easiest states in the nation to register to vote and cast a ballot, but these proposals would exploit Oregon’s controversial ballot harvesting policy to allow politically connected groups to harvest voter registrations. Secretary Fagan doubled down on her bad ideas by advocating for incarcerated felons to be allowed to register and vote. Let’s be clear about what these proposals are really intended to do: further rig our elections in favor of Democrats.”