Exclusive: Poll Shows Dr. Bud Pierce With Double Digit Lead

By Reagan Knopp

The results of a polling survey performed by the Bud Pierce campaign in mid-December and released exclusively to Oregon Catalyst shows him leading an increasingly crowded field in the Republican primary for governor.

The survey had the following top line results if the GOP primary election were held on the day respondents received the poll:

  • Bud Pierce — 19.9%
  • Bridget Barton — 2.2%
  • Jessica Gomez — 2.9%
  • Kerry McQuisten — 5.3%
  • Stan Pulliam — 8.3%
  • Christine Drazan — 3.9%
  • Undecided — 57.4%

The full survey includes a question about how favorably respondents view each candidate and the top issues on the minds of Republican voters.

Download the Poll