Bill Post: Survey shows Oregonians don’t feel safe

By Hon. Bill Post
Former Oregon State Representative

In a press release sent out Tuesday February 15, 2022 by the Oregon District Attorneys Association it was made very clear that Oregonians aren’t happy with the safety of their communities and it’s not just Portland.

In a poll included in the press release by an overwhelming number, Oregonians feel less safe and less optimistic about Oregon’s future.

͞”The survey data reflects exactly what our elected District Attorneys hear in our communities across the State every day, from Oregon City to Salem to Medford and Pendleton. The general public is concerned about their safety and the policies coming out of the State Legislature and from the Governor” said ODAA President and Marion County District Attorney Paige Clarkson.

As you will see in the poll, just as DA Clarkson pointed out, much of the concern is directly a result of “lame duck” Gov. Kate Brown and the progressive members of the Oregon Legislature.

The survey and press release can be found here: