Vote nears for bill making it hard to fire failing school chiefs

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon has previously made headlines for protecting teachers who were abusive from being fired, now they want to extend the same insane job protections to school superintendents from being fired with SB 1521.   This robs local school boards and local control decision making from people trying to improve their failing schools.  SB 1521 demands that school superintendents be given a 12-month advanced notice time before they can be fired which makes them among the most generous benefits of any employee almost anywhere.

SB 1521 passed the Senate and is now expected for a vote in the House.

You can call your lawmaker here 1-800-332-2313 to encourage them to vote no on SB 1521.  Just tell the switchboard operator who answers the phone who your State Representative is and to be connected to their office.  If you do not know who your State Representative is, this is the perfect time to find out, and you can find out easily by providing the switchboard operator your address and they will look it up for you.  Or you can go here and look to the top right where you enter in your address.

Remember, to tell your lawmaker to vote no on SB 1521 to preserve local control over firing school superintendents.


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