Washington starts full-blown gas tax war with Oregon

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Washington’s Legislature is considering a gas tax on exported fuel into Oregon.  It will raise Oregon gas tax costs by as much as 6-cents per gallon.

Yet, Washington has the nation’s 8th highest gas tax and Oregon has the nation’s 12th highest gas tax (which doesn’t factor Oregon’s 2022 gas tax increase).   These are two greedy over-taxed gas tax states battling it out over more and more of our pocketbook.

Even worse, Washington has the nation’s fourth highest gas price ($3.98) and Oregon has the nation’s third highest gas price ($4.00).  This gas tax war will soak taxpayers and hurt middle class families.

This is a gas tax war that will serve only to mutual wreck each other’s economies.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown called Washington Governor Inslee to protest the gas tax and Tweeted out that it was “unacceptable”.

Meanwhile, Oregon lawmakers, Senator Lynn P. Findley (R-Vale) and Shelly Boshart Davis (R-Albany) pledged to walk away from the joint plan to replace the Interstate Bridge over the Columbia River if they Washington Gas tax plan is not dropped.

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