Oregon gas price hit $6.29 at one station

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


KATU-TV News is reporting that one Portland gas station is witnessing regular gas prices at $6.29 a gallon.   That does not include higher prices for Plus and Premium Power gas at $6.59 and $6,79 respectively.

According to AAA Oregon is the fourth highest gas price in America.  Washington is the fifth.  Yet, the State of Washington tried to pass a tax on their exported gas into Oregon.  That is right.  Washington wanted to drive our gas prices even higher during an international energy crunch made worse by the largest land invasion in Europe Since WWII in the Ukraine.

One of the reasons Oregon gas prices are so high is because around 2015 the politicians passed a hidden gas tax (called Clean Fuel Standard) that forced Oregon gas businesses to pay for higher eco-blend of gasoline which drive up gas costs from 15 to 70 cents a gallon.   This is an effective gas tax on Oregon  rivers, but the extra costs does not go to roads, but rather to private companies.

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