GOP outpaces Dems in surprise turnout over candidates

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The March 8th candidate filing deadline for major party candidates has shown that registered Republican Party candidates have outpaced registered Democrat Party candidates for office of State Representative.

For total number of districts covered, Republicans are contesting 57 of 60 available State Representative seats, whereas Democrats are running in 54 of the 60 seats.

For total number of House candidates, there are 84 Republican candidates running and 73 Democrat candidates running.

By our estimate, this is the greatest turnout among Republican House seats since 2010, when Republicans picked up 6 House/Senate seats from the Obama-backlash/Tea-party wave election of 2010.

In the Senate, the Democrat candidates in number of districts is one race higher than Republicans, as Democrats are competing in 16 races (Republicans 15).   For total number of candidates, Republicans have 22 candidates compared to 20 candidates.

(Note: Some of these numbers may change due to updates to election reporting. Independent, Libertarian and other political parties have a different process and deadline to file.)

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