Lawmakers kill right-to-pump bill as gas breaks all-time record

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

According to AAA Oregon gas prices hit a record breaking high at $4.60.

Allowing people to pump their own gas would allow stores to offer more affordable gasoline without the cost of having to have an attendant in a state with some of the highest labor costs in America.

Oregon and New Jersey are the last two states that ban self-service gasoline (except under certain circumstances and in certain areas).

There was a bill, HB 4151, in the February Legislative Session that would have permitted Oregonians the right to pump their own gas — just like 48 other states.  But the bill died in the very first week of Session because the rights and needs of Oregonians simply do not matter to the liberal politicians who hold a majority in the State Capitol.   The politicians appeared to have spent more time on the bill to double the size of their own salary than on this bill.    After all, who cares about your costs or inflation when the same lawmakers just spent $2.7 billion in just four short weeks.

One station in Oregon featured regular gas at $6.29.


Those gas prices do not have be so high.


Oregon and California help lead the nation in gas prices because of our high gas taxes and hidden gas taxes created by certain environmental regulations that do not exist in most other states.  Just compare Oregon and California gas prices to the rest of America.


Being among the last two states to ban pump-your-own-gas, fits rights in with our Covid policies where Oregon, as of early March was among the final four states to still mandate statewide indoor mask mandate. (March 11 mask mandate ends)


The message is clear…Oregon is a place where you can’t do things that people do everyday in most of America.


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