Timber Unity calls on Gov. to address rising fuel costs

Angelita Sanchez
Timber Unity Press Release,


Natural resources organization says without Governor’s intervention, food and services at risk for skyrocketing inflation

Salem, Oregon – Today, Timber Unity PAC called on Governor Kate Brown to use her executive powers to provide relief to commercial drivers and commuters, otherwise, food, materials, goods and services would be at risk for higher inflationary costs, and workers could face the inability to drive pay fuel costs to go to work.

“We’ve crossed the tipping point where companies are going to have to decide whether they can afford to keep their trucks and farm equipment running,” said Angelita Sanchez, Timber Unity PAC Co-Director. “This is especially of concern for transportation concerns as well as construction projects, where fixed prices of goods and services are bumping up against variable operating costs that are out of control. Governor Brown has it in her powers to immediately give drivers relief.”

Sanchez forward a letter (attached) to Governor Brown’s staff and general counsel for consideration. The proposal includes a temporary suspension of gas and diesel taxes, the ability for commercial fleets to use off-road diesel at a lesser price, and a halving of the weight-mile tax for trucks hauling consumer goods and commercial freight.

“This week, the Governor’s executive orders that businesses have been living under for two years for Covid-19 are coming to a close. They had a devastating effect of hurting small businesses. Meanwhile, the state collected record revenues,” Sanchez stated. “If you’re going to use a powerful tool like an executive order, please do it for good and give workers, families, and small businesses some immediate relief at the pump. We want to be able to get back to work.”

Sanchez, who owns a small fleet of dump trucks, says the price of fuel will force her to park her trucks. “At $5.90 a gallon, it’s untenable to fill up my rigs and stay in business. The companies I work for, landowners, road builders and home builders, are already struggling with costs, so our rates are fixed. There are supply chain issues and well, it’s just tough finding drivers right now to do the work. Farmers are having to make tough choices too. Without the Governor weighing in, many more businesses will close and workers will lose jobs.”

You can read the Timber Unity letter about the fuel crisis attached. Sanchez is hopeful the Governor will realize that a lack of action for the short-term will cause long-term employment repercussions. “We can give people a break on gas taxes, or the state can pick up the tab for unemployment when workers get laid off. It’s a choice. Let’s hope Governor Brown makes the right one.”