Pierce, Drazan, Barton, and Tiernan announce endorsements from Oregon Right to Life PAC

By Reagan Knopp

Dr. Bud Pierce, former State Reps. Christine Drazan and Bob Tiernan, and conservative writer Bridget Barton announced endorsements from Oregon Right to Life PAC in the Republican primary for governor.

Bud Pierce statement:

I will always choose life over death. From conception to natural death, I will support pregnant women, and I will always support life.

With the death of my wife, it became abundantly clear to me how precious and essential each life is to this world. As my faith deepens and I evolve into a greater understanding of our life’s purpose, I know I must hold an unwavering position.

“With the election nearly ten weeks away, such a powerful endorsement shows that I continue to be the frontrunner and signifies that many Republicans will support me in the upcoming election.

Statement from Trey Rosser, campaign manager for Christine Drazan:

Christine received Oregon Right to Life’s endorsement in her previous two runs for office and is honored to have their support once again in the race for governor.

Statement from Bridget Barton:

I’m pro-life and grateful for this endorsement; respect for life extends to the lives of our foster children, homeless people, those suffering from mental illness and our neglected seniors. I’m a Republican outsider and a woman of faith who views the life issue holistically. Our current politicians have failed to protect the lives of Oregonians of all ages, including the unborn.

Update: Willamette Week says Former State Rep. Bob Tiernan was also endorsed.