Unions: OK to slash unions jobs if they’re police

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Extreme Leftist Portland Commissioner, Joann Hardesty, has been sweeping up all the government and non-government union endorsements (SEIU Local 49 and 503, UFCW Local 555, Portland Association of Teachers, International Longshore and Warehouse Union, Portland Community College Federation of Faculty and Academic Professionals).

Yet, it was Hardesty that championed cutting Portland police by over $12 million and 100 staff positions in 2020.

In 2021, she tried to cut the same Police Department by 18 million more.

Hardesty not only slashed union jobs, but she demonized and vilified the entire profession.  Hardesty successfully pulled Portland Police from providing security at Portland schools, claiming that children are afraid of police.  Hardesty attacked a City contractor for daring to have a support-the-police bumper sticker on their private vehicle.   During the riots, Hardesty falsely accused the Portland Police of secretly starting fires.   Hardesty called the Portland Police a “rogue paramilitary organization”.

It appears that the government unions have no guiding philosophy or core principles with their endorsement of Hardesty.  To unions you can slash government union jobs  and demonize union workers as long as it doesn’t effect your union and the money keeps rolling in — as Oregon is a an oversize union fundraising machine.    It is worse than politics, it is like the Hunger Games — a ruthless bloodsport.

It is also hypocritical, as we taxpayers over the years faced union wrath for opposing tax increases only to see unions come out collectively to support any tax increase as a call to protect any union job.

This is why one of the union headquarters in Portland remains full of vandalism and torn down fences.   They don’t care about the crime explosion in their own neighborhood (caused by de-funding police) as long as the taxpayer money and government contracts keep rolling in.


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