Timber Unity to host first ever Governor debate

By Timber Unity

#TimberUnity to host first ever Gubernatorial forum.

Upon hearing yesterday that KATU dropped the ball on their scheduled Gubernatorial debates, #TimberUnity PAC is seizing the opportunity to pick up a date for our grassroots candidates and the hard working people of Oregon.

Thursday, April 7th, we are fervently trying to put together our first ever debate. We have reached out to fourteen Republican governor candidates, those whom are listed in the Voter Pamphlet Statement, and five have already affirmed participation. To make it a go, our minimum candidate requirement would be seven, but we think that’s easily reachable! An update with the time and location will be made available just as soon as we set it in stone.

Make sure to mark your calendar and take the time after work to join us. We all need to hear about how these candidates will govern for us if elected. We need people who aren’t afraid of STANDING UP for our beloved natural resource industries and the preservation of our way of life. If you are unable to attend, please look for a live-feed presentation on Facebook, we are hopeful to allow you to be able to watch there as well.

We are looking for venues within the Greater Valley area of the state. Hopefully we can get all logistics wrapped up by weeks end, as we are very excitedly working on this.

We are also seeking input on questions for the debate. We have requested our membership’s input and would also appreciate hearing from YOU. Tell us about your first hand concerns. We want to hear from every corner of this state. Questions submitted in advance will be taken into consideration for presentation to the candidates.

“With the rising costs of fuel, the future shuttering of our natural resource jobs and our rural schools, our rural way of life is under attack. We must get a Governor elected who STANDS UP for working Oregonians. We’re looking forward to hosting a program that gets right down to the nuts and bolts of the situation, one that’s different than the rest. We have a state to save!!!” said Angelita Sanchez.

Any additional questions or concerns, or even if you’d like to volunteer, reach out to Timber Unity at [email protected]