Marc Thielman: Invitation to disaffected Democrats

Oregon Campaign Watch,

Below is a unique appeal by Oregon Governor candidate Marc Thielman has made to Oregon Democrats:

Marc Thielman for Governor: Across our nation, lifelong Democrats are making the tough decision to walk away from their party. I can only imagine the emotional journey each of these people have to take before making this decision. For many, one’s political party is an important part of their identity. With that said, I respect those who find themselves in this dilemma, and do not make light of it. If you are a Democrat who is feeling abandoned and misrepresented by the Democratic Party, I invite you to sit at my table so that we can talk. I’m confident that we will find much common ground to stand on together. I don’t want to change you, but I do want to fight for you. I promise to represent you, your right to freedom and autonomy. Take a chance on me, I won’t let you down!