Measure 34-313 pushes 69% overpriced luxury school as enrollment drops 5%

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Beaverton politicians are pushing a school bond Measure 34-313 to build two new schools that is 69% overpriced above market rates.

Here are ten reasons to reject Beaverton’s school bond Measure 34-313.

1. Measure 34-313 tax will cost many homeowners $703 in higher taxes.

2. This amounts to a 37% increase in the Beaverton Public Schools property tax.

3. The $728 million school bond is priced nearly DOUBLE what it cost to build other schools. (1)

4. The $728 million school bond is happening while enrollment has dropped by over 2,000 students. (2)

5. Oregonians already pay more property taxes than most other states. (3)

6. Oregon city, county and state government are not poor but in fact very rich and wasteful. Total Oregon government spending (as % of GDP) ranks in the top 10 in the nation. (4)

7. A $709 property tax under Measure 34-313 will be devastating to seniors on limited income.

8. A $709 property tax under Measure 34-313 will be on top of the $3,000 in higher costs associated with higher gas prices and grocery/consumer prices upon the average family as reported by Yahoo Finance News. (5)

9. The Measure 34-313 property tax painfully hits small businesses as some are already paying for a 17% small business tax increase (SB 139, 2021) and a gas tax increase (January 1, 2022).

10. The school bond includes a highly questionable and controversial $50 million management fund.


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Sources: (1) Western U.S. average between $341 and $417. (2)  (3) Tax Foundation, State and Local Tax Burdens 2019 (4) State & Local government spending Rank % of GDP 2021,  (5) Yahoo Finance. Inflation and Record High Gas Prices, 3/8/22.