SF recalls liberal District Attorney by 61% … Multnomah DA next?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

In early returns in the San Fransisco District Attorney Recall, voters have shocked the nation by recalling their soft-on-crime District Attorney,Chesa Boudin. Mr. Boudin acted like many top liberal District Attorneys across America who allowed minor crimes to go unprosecuted and let criminals out early. That created a crime wave in the City.

This is the same tactic by Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt.

He dropped 600+ riot charges, over 80% during the violent Portland protests.

Under District Attorney Mike Schmidt, Portland homicides jumped 83% — the nation’s highest!

Mike Schmidt has also been investigated by a special prosecutor for biased enforcement.

This makes Multnomah County District Attorney at risk of a citizen recall or at least a much needed course correction.

During the May Primary two tough-on-crime District Attorneys (Washington County, Marion County) defeated liberal challengers in their races.   Another sign Oregonians don’t want Leftist soft-on-crime politicians.

Side note: The same San Fransisco voters recently recalled three School Board members, in a district that voted for Biden by 80%+, showing that voters want accountability when it comes to schools and publci safety.   Also, on the same election night yesterday, California Rep. Karen Bass, former Congressional Black Caucus chairwoman, and former Joe Biden’s VP running mate top contender, lost a bid to become Mayor of Los Angeles to a more moderate and conservative leaning challenger.  If California can witness such sea changes, then maybe Oregon can to.


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