Rep. Reschke: Legislature speedily approves $1B in 3 days

By State Representative E. Werner Reschke

Last week, the Oregon Legislature held its bi-monthly Legislative Days. Because the Capitol is still under renovating construction, the meetings were conducted remotely. I serve as Vice Chair on the House Revenue committee and as a member on the E-Board (Emergency Board). In just three days, the legislature authorized the spending of over $1 billion. While there were many items of concern, one item is worth noting — an allocation of up to $5 million for grasshopper and cricket suppression. If you remember around this time last year the Swan Lake area looked like the plague with these insects. Many places in eastern Oregon suffered a similar infestation.

That said, there were several missed opportunities for investments, due to decisions by the majority party, who control the agenda. Inflation, violent crime, drug use and homelessness were issues that went unaddressed by the E-Board. This reminds me of a continual pattern of failed Democrat leadership on important subjects. Missed opportunities directly impact our prosperity and happiness as Oregonians.