California voters: What were they thinking?

On Tuesday, June 7, 2022, the voters of San Francisco area ousted Chesa Boudin, District Attorney for San Francisco by a vote of approximately sixty percent to forty percent – a good old fashion derriere kicking. Mr. Boudin is one of the handful of publicly elected prosecuting attorneys backed by the liberal/progressive woke political community and funded by the likes of George Soros and other multi-billionaires who live elsewhere. The successful recall of Mr. Boudin raises several questions.

First, what were the forty percent of the Bay Area voters who continued to support Mr. Boudin thinking? By all accounts the San Francisco area is a mess. The homeless population has soared bringing with it tent cities in the city parks, streets and parking areas. And that in turn has brought unsanitary conditions as the homeless use these same streets to urinate, defalcate and discard needles, condoms, sanitary napkins, bandages, sputum, rotting food and the general garbage that comes with everyday living. The stench is unbearable for all but the inhabitants of these homeless camps. Workers and taxpayers are at risk every time they step outdoors from panhandlers, drug pushers, hookers, mentally deranged transients, and criminal gangs. While Mr. Boudin is not solely responsible for this mess, he bears a large part of the blame as his deputies free these miscreants back on to the streets without bail, without supervision and still without shelter. So how much worse does it need to get before the forty percent who voted to keep Mr. Boudin finally wake up and smell the bacon?

Second, a part of the answer to the first question is found in the demographics of those voting to retain Mr. Boudin versus those who voted to oust him. Before we get to that, it’s best that we listen to Mr. Boudin’s analysis of his loss. He blamed “the right-wing billionaires” who exploited the masses – presumably Mr. Boudin was referring to the rise in crime, homelessness, drug trafficking, and filth in San Francisco while refusing to except any responsibility for their growth. As usual, the liberal/progressives try to find a boogeyman – a scapegoat – for their own failures. Increasingly they point to what they refer to as right wing extremists (which in their parlance means anybody who doesn’t agree wholeheartedly with their agenda).

But Mr. Boudin was partially right in his claims about billionaires influencing the process. They did. No question about it. However, it wasn’t right wing billionaires, it was that bevy of tech billionaires living in the San Francisco area and their friends and associates – all of whom are immune from the ravages of disease and pestilence brought by the herds of homeless, from the injury to persons and property brought by the bands of lawless hordes who have been told there will be no criminal penalties for doing so, and from the dead and dying brought by the increasing use of hard and dangerous drugs – particularly by fentanyl – with the seeming approval and assistance of the state and local governments and the reduced presence of law enforcement. It was those sheltered tech billionaires that put Mr. Boudin in office, it was those billionaire that funded the defeat of the first recall effort against Mr. Boudin, and it is those billionaires that fund the opposition to this recall of Mr. Boudin. And not surprisingly it was the precincts wherein lie the sumptuous and guarded homes of those billionaires that were the source of Mr. Boudin’s losing forty percent – the rest of San Francisco voted in even greater numbers to remove him. But that is always the case with liberal/progressives – from Sen. Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT) through Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) to Mr. Boudin – blame the rich for their own failures. It is these billionaires who have consistently funded these societal experiments knowing full well that they need not experience the fallout from them.

  • Open the borders

  • Defund the police

  • Decriminalize hard drugs

  • Increase the welfare state

  • Engage in selective enforcement of criminal laws

  • Deny free speech to those who disagree

  • Divide people into competing segments – each blaming the other for their failure to succeed.

Third, and this is the point. There is something inherently evil about those who toy with the lives of the powerless. Opening the borders displaces low wage workers with illegal immigrants forcing the former unto welfare or worse. Defunding the police puts every man, woman and child who cannot afford private security at risk – and that means almost everyone but the very rich and powerful. Decriminalizing hard drugs encourages the proliferation of hard drugs and the raging increase in drug related deaths while, at the same time, straining our medical resources to care for those addicted. Increasing the welfare state increases the cost to taxpayers – more people in the wagon than pulling the wagon. (Of course it also increases the number of public employee union members and thus the campaign coffers of liberal/progressives they fund.) Segmenting the population through identity politics and pitting one against the other drives a wedge into unifying a community. It worked well for the Nazis who blamed the Jews for the plight of working men and women in Germany, for the Irish Catholics and Protestants who blamed each other for “The Troubles” and, for the Serbs who blamed the Croats and the other five ethnic groups who blamed each other as Yugoslavia disintegrated, and all the other tribal ancestries who continue to plot and kill each other across the Middle East and Central Africa. Ancient hatreds abound and those who exploit them are evil personified.

Most every attempt at social engineering that begins with exploiting racial, ethnic, religious, or economic divisions moves rapidly to fascism, totalitarianism, and/or other forms of authoritarianism. Dissent is repressed, the electoral system is manipulated, and the judicial system is compromised. If any of this sounds familiar it should. But before you point the finger too easily remember that you are the ones who voted these miscreants into office at the inception. It is now your duty to remove them.