8 signs of an Oregon conservative wave

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC


Oregon Governor candidate Christine Drazan is leading in the polls against super-liberal challenger Tina Kotek.  Several former 2022 Governor candidates, Dr. Bud Pierce and Mayor Stan Pulliam and 24 Oregon State Legislators have already backed Christine Drazan very early in a unity coalition.

Tina Kotek has been running 3rd place in fundraising.   The money race for Governor have been flowing to both Christien Drazan and Betsy Johnson which shows that the public is rejecting Oregon long era of progressive control.

Oregon Democrat Congressman Kurt Schrader said this month that “The red wave begins in Oregon – Oregon’s 5th district”.   Schrader was the more moderate candidate in Oregon Congress seat #5, who lost to an extreme liberal and controversial outsider in the Primary.  Schrader became the first Oregon Congress Member to lose in a Primary in 60 years.   This opens the seat for a small-business low-tax champion Lori Chavez-DeRemer to win in November.

Poll finds Gov. Kate Brown as the least liked-Governor in America — for the 2nd year in a row.  

Biden’s polling hit a record low for a President’s second year. This spells doom for all liberal candidates.



83% say the economy is in bad shape, the worst rating in the history of the poll (1972). This is bad news for the many liberals in power (Oregon, U.S.) who raised taxes and have been ignoring the problems of the inflation/supply chain crisis.

Crime backlash. In Portland, the face of the defund police movement, JoAnn Hardesty had 60% of the voters vote against her. Two highly funded Liberal District Attorney candidates lost to tough-on-crime candidates (Washington, Marion) in the May Primary.

Non-affiliated voters became the state’s largest party.  In March, the number of Non-affiliated voters became the largest voting block in Oregon.  This will help add independent and other voices at the ballot box that have been depressed in prior elections.



Bonus:  Hispanic neighborhoods in San Fransisco voted overwhelmingly to recall their liberal District Attorney and similar in Los Angeles to (almost) re-elect a more conservative Democrat over the progressive choice.  Also,this week high Hispanic districts voted out the more liberal candidate in several places in Texas.  This prompted the satire news site Babylon Bee to issue this faux-headline:

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