Monkeypox hits Oregon. CDC says during sex keep clothes on.

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Monkeypox has been found in at least one case in Oregon and in 17 other states.

Thankfully it is not shown to be fatal and it is not spread through the air but rather skin-to-skin contact.

This prompted the CDC to issue this guideline, which includes recommending that one wear clothes during sexual encounters as it states Consider having sex with your clothes on…”

The CDC also gives advice on how to conduct yourself at “rave parties ” and “back rooms, saunas, or sex clubs.”



We are no health experts … but … how about government just simply recommending that people who are infected refrain from high-risk behaviors until they are safe?

This is the same CDC for which Dr. Anthony Fauci endorsed the idea during Covid that it was OK to have one-night stands with people you just met online as long as you accept the risks.  So the CDC during the pandemic make it a crime for someone from being served coffee in a near-empty socially distanced coffee shop but if you have a sexual hook-up with the same barista that evening, that is acceptable?  This sounds like political science more than actual science.

Interestingly, Oregon is not releasing any location information of where the Monkeypox is in Oregon.  Would not the wider regional location be helpful in order to notify the local “rave” and “sex clubs” that the CDC talks about, that this new disease may be spreading in their area?

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