BUST: Guns. Postal uniform. Passports. Social Sec. cards. Drugs …

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


This Portland bust had it all.

There were assault rifles, a United States Post office jacket with hat, stolen social security cards, passports, and mail from over 30 different victims.

There were three stolen cars, meth and computers with instructions on how to steal people’s identity.


* politicians in Salem reduced the crime for ID theft in Oregon in 2017 (HB 3078).

* politicians in Salem reduced the crime for auto theft in Oregon in 2017 (HB 3078).

* Gov. Brown gave early release to 1,000 criminals

* Gov. Brown is working to close three prisons

* Liberals pushed to decriminalize hard drugs and promised the public better treatment programs but never delivered.

* Portland Police were de-funded by $12 million and 100 positions

Liberals helped create this ID theft, car theft and drug crime wave with their policies.

Here is the list of auto thefts in the Portland area (darker spots = more thefts)

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