Biden agrees with Taxpayers Assoc. Decides to cut gas tax.

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

What can we say, President Biden agrees with the Taxpayers Association of Oregon on a call to suspend the gas tax.

Biden this morning called for a 3-month suspension of the federal gas tax.

The idea has outraged Portland area Democrat Congressman Earl Blumenauer who has issued a press release opposing the suspension.  Congressman Blumenauer in the past has supported a 25-cent gas increase.   Ouch!

Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland and New York have already suspended their local gas taxes, while Alaska, Illinois, Minnesota and Virginia may be next.

We first brought up this idea back in December to suspend the Oregon gas tax increase that went into effect on January 1st.

When it comes to the Federal gas tax, suspending it in no way compares to the better idea of the cost-free idea of Biden reducing gas prices by REVERSING his anti-gas politics.  Biden’s shutting down pipelines, widespread blocking oil permits and burdensome, costly regulations mandating expensive ethanol fuel blends is why, in part, costs are soaring.

Same with Oregon.  Oregon’s hidden gas tax (Clean Fuel Standard) forces Oregonians to pay for higher cost fuel blends (which often involves paying a fee with the fee revenue going to private businesses and not road maintenance).

Both Oregon and Biden can reduce gas prices quickly without costing government a dime.   But they won’t.

There was a bill in the Oregon February Session to allow more right-to-pump your own gas stations in Oregon.  This would have reduced gas prices and helped with the labor shortage by reducing labor demands to where they are not needed.   The politicians didn’t care to vote on it.   Gee thanks.

Now Oregon is witnessing places with $6.29 cent gas!  — among the nation’s highest.

We recommend that government do a little of bit of everything (1) reduce regulations (2) reduce costly gas-blend laws (3) allow freedom to pump-your-own-gas (4) open up pipelines and permits and (5) reduce gas taxes.

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