Lawmakers should suspend Jan. 1st gas tax increase

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon politicians have already raised the gas prices by 6-cents statewide (beginning 2018 under House Bill 2017) and 10-cent for Portland (Measure 26-209, 2020).    As part of the 2017 tax bill Oregon is automatically set to increase gas taxes on January 2022 and January 2024 by 2-cents each.

• Since gas prices nationally are at a seven year high

• Since Oregon already has the nation’s 11th highest gas tax

• Since Oregon has the nation’s 5th highest gas price…

• Since Oregon is receiving $5 billion in Biden’s infrastructure funds…

• Since lawmakers are expected to meet in the State Capitol this Monday Dec.13th to help give aid to people impacted by Covid…

Lawmakers should temporarily suspend the January 2022 and 2024 gas tax hike as a way to give immediate relief during the national gas price spike.

Oregon can instead use existing infrastructure funds to fill current needs.    Lawmakers can choose to resume or rescind the gas tax depending on economic conditions ahead.  Suspending the gas tax is only a small part of the road taxes passed by lawmakers in 2017 as the other parts (car sales tax, transportation payroll tax, bike tax, auto title increase, truck tax) will still be in effect.

Remember that gas prices impact the cost of goods up and down the chain.  It hits goods as they are often delivered multiple times and even the consumer driving to purchase it.  Right now, businesses need signs of predictability and stability, especially since Governor Brown already raised small business taxes 17% this summer.

Please, lawmakers consider suspending the statewide gas tax increases for 2022 and 2024 until our state recovers.

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