Women Lead Oregon Republicans’ Effort to Make Gains in the State Legislature

By Reagan Knopp

Last month, Oregon Republicans nominated a diverse group of state legislative candidates highlighted by a large number of women. The diversity in the class of nominees demonstrates the success of the RSLC’s continuing mission to expand the Republican party by recruiting, training, and electing more women and diverse candidates who better represent the values of their communities.

Oregon Senate Summary: 

  • There are 15 Republican Candidates running in the 16 senate seats on the ballot this cycle, 47% are women.

Oregon House Summary: 

  • There are 60 Republican Candidates running in the 60 seats, 30% are women.

“Women played a critical role in state Republicans’ electoral success in 2021, and the RSLC views the number of women candidates on the ballot in Oregon this year as not only a strong indicator for success in this year’s election, but as a core foundational building block for the future of the GOP,” said RSLC Spokesman Zach Kraft. “The multitude of failures emanating from Democrat-led Salem caused many women to say enough is enough, and get off the sidelines and into the action. We are incredibly excited about these candidates and know they will have Oregon Democrats on the defensive this year.”

The diverse slate of legislative candidates nominated by Republicans in Oregon reflect the mission of the RSLC’s Right Leaders Network. Launched in the fall of 2021, the Right Leaders Network is the is a redoubling of RSLC’s long-standing efforts to grow the future of the Republican Party. Through the RSLC’s Right Women Right Now and Future Majority Project initiatives, the committee over the past decade has recruited, trained, supported, and elected thousands of diverse state Republicans across the country, many of whom went on to serve in statewide and federal offices. The Right Leaders Network will both enhance and grow the committee’s recruiting and training capabilities thus far, and allow for:

  • Prioritizing electing more women, as well as candidates from communities of color and diverse backgrounds.
  • Engaging former state leaders, who now hold high federal or state office, to serve as mentors for the next generation of Republican leaders.
  • Growing partnerships with aligned Republican organizations who share the same mission.

Watch more about the Right Leaders Network.

Oregon Republican Women Nominees for State Legislature: 

Oregon Senate:

  • SD 7: Raquel Ivie
  • SD 8: Valerie Draper Woldeit
  • SD 10: Raquel Moore-Green
  • SD 11: Kim Thatcher (i)
  • SD 15: Carolina Malmedal
  • SD 16: Suzanne Weber
  • SD 18: Kimberly Rice

Oregon House:

  • HD 3: Lily Morgan (i)
  • HD 4: Christine Goodwin (i)
  • HD 5: Sandra Abercrombie
  • HD 6: Kim Wallen (i)
  • HD 10: Celeste McEntee
  • HD 11: Jami Cate (i)
  • HD 15: Shelly Boshart Davis (i)
  • HD 22: Tracy Cramer
  • HD 23: Anna Scharf (i)
  • HD 24: Lucetta Elmer
  • HD 27: Sandra Nelson
  • HD 29: Gina Munster-Moore
  • HD 39: Kori Haynes
  • HD 50: Amelia Salvador
  • HD 54: Judy Trego
  • HD 56: Emily McIntire
  • HD 58: Bobby Levy (i)
  • HD 59: Vikki Breese-Iverson (i) and GOP leader