Preventing the Spread of Monkeypox

Last week’s column dealt with the growing number of morons present at all levels of government. The ink was hardly dry on that column when I found that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued its guidelines for avoiding infection by monkeypox. (Apparently the monkeypox is most often transmitted during intimate contact – most importantly if there is an exchange of bodily fluids.) Thus the guidelines published on the CDC website are as follows:

‘● Have virtual sex with no in-person contact.

‘● Masturbate together at a distance of at least 6 feet, without touching each other and without touching any rash or sores.

‘● Consider having sex with your clothes on or covering areas where rash or sores are present, reducing as much skin-to-skin contact as possible.

‘● Avoid kissing.

‘● Remember to wash your hands, fetish gear, sex toys and any fabrics (bedding, towels, clothing) after having sex.

‘● Limit your number of partners to avoid opportunities for monkeypox to spread.”

Oh yes, and wear your mask.

For most people sexual relations involves a significant degree of physical and emotional intimacy – the very intimacy that the morons at the CDC advise against. But then their track record of seeing the forest for the trees is practically non-existent.

This advice ranks right up there with requiring golf courses to require recovery of a ball from the cup without placing your hand in the cup during the COVID pandemic. We all know that the coronavirus’ favorite hiding place was at the bottom of golf cup on an open air golf course where the wind blows and the sun shines. Or recommending that all flat surfaces be wiped down with an alcohol or bleach base even though the CDC knew in short order that the disease was not transmitted on hard flat surfaces. Or, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s favorite banning motorboats but not sailboats or row boats on Michigan’s waterways because we all know that the coronavirus thrived on gas powered craft.

Look there is no end to stupid and these politicians and bureaucrats are hell bent on demonstrating it daily.

Better advice would be:

  • Stop having sex with animals

  • Stop having sex with people who have sex with animals

Oh yes, and wear your mask.