Gun control petition at 90,000, deadline days away

By Oregon Campaign Watch

The Oregon gun control petition (petition IP #17) on the streets has gathered 90,000 signatures so far. They have 112,000 to go by the first week of July. The campaign told the Willamette Week that they have been gathering as much as 30,000 a week. They also said this new law would be the “the most progressive package in the nation,”

This puts the gun control measure on an extremely tight deadline.

The measure would ban many now legal rifles and ban 12-round magazines. It increases the time to process background checks up to 60-days and increases new fees.

The NRA stated on petition #17 “Despite recent data showing that guns being used in Portland’s rising crime rates are coming from 3 sources – stolen, straw purchases, and the underground market (all already illegal means) – these anti-gun citizens are coming after YOU, the law-abiding firearm owners of Oregon, and YOUR guns. They don’t care about the Constitution, your right to keep and bear arms, or your God-given right of self-defense….IP 17 would require you to obtain a permit from local law enforcement in order to acquire a firearm. This permit would require you to complete an approved “safety” program. You must pay for this permit, and its only valid for 5 years. You may have to wait up to 30 days for this permit to be issued. IP 17 would also create a state police database of firearms and firearms permits. These permit requirements are in addition to current background check requirements. IP 17 also seeks to ban ammunition magazines over 10 rounds.