Chart: Trust in institutions at record low

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Gallup survey shows the historic decline in trust in U.S. institutions.


  • Democrats and independents show more than a double-digit loss of confidence in the Supreme Court, with no meaningful change among Republicans.
  • Republicans have lost more confidence in banks than the other party groups have. Republicans also show double-digit declines in confidence in the military and the police.
  • Independents are significantly less confident in organized religion than a year ago, while there has been a smaller drop among Republicans and no real change among Democrats.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Conservatives are not the ones calling to abolish the Supreme Court because they made a ruling someone didn’t like. 
(Photo: Portland 2022 June rally)


Conservatives are not the ones calling to abolish police and abolish America either.
(Photo: Portland Summer 2020)


If you want people to trust government more FIRST stop the violent mobs attacking it.

SECOND government can….

– Be more transparent.

– Allow for dissent.

– Allow the public more local control over their property, schools, land-use laws and decision making process.

– Allowing elected lawmakers to make laws instead of laws being made by bureaucrat regulators, judges and over-reaching Executive Order proclamations by Governors.

– Allowing more public participation by the public through right-to-vote laws. (Example, public vote on new taxes)

– Government should focus on doing better at what it does rather than doing more.

– Liberals need to stop sabotaging institutions when a judge or President or lawmaking body votes in a way that they disagree.

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