Audio: What the Portland anarchists want

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

An audio recording during the downtown Portland 4th of July riot reveals what the anarchists/Antifa are calling for.

The 30-second audio reveals at first sounds of breaking glass from some Portland rioter breaking a business window, followed by chants from the crowd that say “No cops. No KKK. No fascists USA”.

Anarchists call for “no cops” and no “USA” because they believe in no government.

This is why they call to abolish it all.

(Photo: Portland, August 2020)


This “abolish SCOTUS” sign is from the 1,000 person rally in downtown Portland last month.


This call to “End America” was left on the Oregon Historical Society building (on a mural for honoring women’s suffrage) in 2020.


— Thanks to our supporters for sending us audio and photos from the riot.  Keep doing it.

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