Vaccine lottery prizes is wasteful, dumb, insulting

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

I wish to apologize to the younger generation who are witnessing Oregon government handle their first crisis of their lifetime and absolute clown circus this effort become.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown is now offering a one million lottery cash prize for being vaccinated as a way to sign up more people due to the sudden downswing in people getting vaccinated.   Everyone is automatically enrolled, nearly 70% of Oregon, making it the worst lottery odds in human history.  A giant money giveaway to people who are not even asking for it.

This is insulting, wasteful and treats us citizens like children.

Oregon Gov. Brown said “We will need to pull on every lever we have,”

Yet she hasn’t even pulled the basic levers…

  • How about Governor Brown coming our of her cave and visiting every single county to connect directly with citizens with this alarming message?
  • How about getting on the Lars Larson radio program, the state’s largest program and one of the most trusted voices in rural Oregon, and have a heart-to-heart talk with citizens?
  • How about stop doing the comedy COVID public service announcements and instead create ones featuring Oregonians who didn’t get vaccinated sharing how they got Covid and how it personally impacted them?

Many Oregonians who are not choosing vaccination are doing so out of their personal convictions and will not change their beliefs based on a cash prize with .000000001% odds.   Others need more information, more discussion from people they trust — not game shows.

While people have not been vaccinated, Brown’s head of the Oregon Health Authority and Covid response, has been running for political office in  a local school board (and lost).   Where is state government’s priorities in a crisis?

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