Rioters wreck 3 Starbucks in 1 night. (Reason stores are closing)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Starbucks announced they are closing 16 stores nationwide, with a few in riot prone cities of Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles.   Starbucks cites drug problems and crime as the leading reason.

For Portland, crime must be the top concern because rioters always make sure to vandalize one Starbucks on every protest.

Several Portland Starbucks have been vandalized extensively just in the past few weeks.

Yet, it has being going on for years.   In fact, on May Day 2021 we documented three different Starbucks vandalized in a single night!   This was a deeply symbolic event that defines why Starbucks is closing Portland stores.


That 3-Starbucks attack happened just 10 after two Starbucks were hit on the same night.  Double Starbuck vandalizations on a single night are common in Portland.



More recently, they broke every single window in this Starbucks on June 21st, 2022, in the Portland Hollywood neighborhood.


On July 4th, 2022 this downtown Portland Starbucks was vandalized.



Not only do rioters wreck a Starbucks location…they often leave obscene messages.


Follow our original reporting and original photography on the Portland riots in our archive.


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