Candidate sues massage parlor

By Oregon Campaign Watch,

Woodburn School Board Member and Oregon House Democrat candidate Anthony Medina is suing a massage parlor for inappropriate and unwanted intimate contact. He is seeking $450,000 in damages from the Woodburn Spa.

Fox News reports, “Plaintiff immediately told the masseuse that he did not want to be touched in that manner,” the complaint says, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB). “The masseuse then briefly massaged Plaintiff’s feet for 10 seconds and then terminated the massage at roughly 20 minutes at which Medina [promptly] left.”
Medina’s claims include battery for the unwanted touching, as well as allegations of “human trafficking, indentured servitude, prostitution and other criminal activities,” according to the Oregon Capital Chronicle, in addition to negligently hiring unlicensed massage therapists and failing to properly train employees regarding illegal touching. The complaint also states that neither Zhen nor a second masseuse have massage therapist licenses in the state of Oregon, although Zhen is reportedly licensed in California.”

Medina is the second elected official to raise legal concerns over the same spa (read backstory here).    Both took their matters to police when they discovered that they were not the only ones.