Lars Larson: Biden’s 1yr anniversary of his biggest mess up

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

Consider the government under Joe Biden:

Inflation is zero…not eight and a half percent, according to Joe.

Gas prices are down under his leadership…not up.

And on the one year anniversary of the disastrous, deadly, shameful exit from Afghanistan, Biden’s State Department spokesman Ned Price insists “The U.S. IS IN A STRONGER POSITION AS A COUNTRY BECAUSE OF THE Afghanistan withdrawal”.

Let me count the problems with that.

We abandoned billions of dollars in military hardware in the hands of the terrorist -friendly Taliban.

We left behind 800 Americans despite Joe Biden’s explicit promise not to leave ‘til all the Americans were out.

We lost 13 service members to a suicide bomber during the chaotic exit from Kabul.

Joe Biden’s incompetent response was to drop drone missiles on the supposed terrorists who did the bombing…only to find out later it was a family of ten, including small children.

Russia watched all of this…and made the decision to invade Ukraine…something Putin would not have done under Donald Trump.

China watched too and now is making moves to invade the free country of Taiwan.

As for Slo Joe Biden, he let the anniversary pass yesterday without saying one word