Half of restaurants hurting … as Oregon raised taxes on income, gas, phones

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The National Restaurant Association said that nearly half (46%) of restaurants surveyed said things are much worse than just three months ago.

How did Oregon prepare local restaurants for the near-historic inflation crunch they are now facing?

During the pandemic, liberal politicians passed a 17% small business tax ,a cell-phone tax, dozens of business fees, while the scheduled gas tax increase and minimum wage increases kicked in for 2022.   Portland alone raised business taxes, income taxes, gas taxes and property taxes in the past two years.  This is forcing restaurants to raise prices which is driving customers away.

It is official: Oregon liberal politicians raises taxes when times are good and when times are bad, and now that times are really bad it is adding up to more pain.

These taxes do not include the six taxes passed by the newly passed Inflation Reduction Act.

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