Gov. Brown secretly signs 17% business tax bill

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

There was no press release on SB 139.

There was no signing ceremony.

We can’t even find a single online mention of the tax being singed into law.

The official record of the Legislature did not record the bill becoming law until some five days after it happened.

Governor Kate Brown signed SB 139 which raises taxes on small family owned businesses by 17%.   SB 139 retroactively raises taxes on these small businesses by seven months and taxes them during the shutdown when many businesses could not accept customers.  The tax was so unpopular that they saved it for the final two weeks of the Legislature when all bills are fast-tracked and the publci was kept out of the building (the publci was allowed into the Capitol shortly after the Session ended and politicians left the building).    Furthermore the bill was so unpopular that it faced bipartisan opposition as seven Democrat lawmakers refused to vote for it.  As a result, Gov. Kate Brown signed it behind closed doors so people like you and I would not know and the media would not report on it.

Consider it the most destructive $50 million tax grab the Legislature will ever take.  A $50 million tax grab when the Legislature stuffed a surplus billion into a slush fund.  A $50 million tax grab when the Legislature voted to cut taxes for Oregon’s wealthiest.

The Taxpayer Association of Oregon did postcard alerts, phone alerts and online advertising to stop the tax.  If you value that effort please help below:

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