A Few Reasons College Football Just Isn’t the Same These Days

1. Many of the players are married and have families.
2. Many of the players have been going to college for 6 or 7 or 8 years.
3. Many of the players are 26, 27, even 28 years old.
4. Many of the players leave as soon as they can for the NFL without graduating.
5. Many of the coaches leave for the NFL, too, on a whim and a moment’s notice.
6. The BCS is a joke – we need true playoffs.
7. We have gone from one major bowl game in the past to now having 35 of them. Who even cares about these “loser bowls”?
8. Many teams in these too numerous to mention bowl games have barely won half their games.
9. The NCAA never does anything that might damage a bowl game. Witness the recent Ohio State problem – no suspensions until NEXT year for a bunch of worthless exhibition games. But this year? Nothing. Nothing at all.
10. Everyone, it seems, is a winner, even when they lose. Perhaps that is why players sell awards – they have become meaningless, as has the entire NCAA college football mess.