#TimberUnity endorses Drazan for Governor

Endorsement Alert: #TimberUnity endorses Christine Drazan for Governor.
By Timber Unity,

During one of the scariest legislative sessions the State of Oregon has ever seen, Christine Drazan Stood Up for working Oregonians.

Christine showed up, she listened to us and stood by us. She effectively initiated a walkout with a unified house and because of her leadership, she stopped Cap and Trade. She saved our jobs and our way of life.

We believe she will continue to Stand Up for the natural resource workers and their jobs when she’s elected as the next Governor of Oregon. We know that on day one, she is the leader who is most equipped to roll back the extreme agendas we have all suffered under. She will be the one to bring meaningful change for those of us who are tired of the same ol’ song and dance. We have had enough! Vote Christine Drazan for Oregon’s next Governor.