School update: Boys’ restroom tampon petition fails. Diploma flop. Recall effort.

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Cherylene Stritenberg, director of the Eagle Point School District School Board, submitted a petition asking The Oregon State Board of Education for flexibility on the newly enacted Menstrual Dignity Act in 2021.  The petition would allow individual schools to decide for themselves whether menstrual products should be placed in boys’ restrooms.  The Oregon State Board of Education unanimously rejected the petition proposal.

There is a recall effort on three Salem School Board members.  Salem Reporter states, “A Salem parent is seeking to recall three members of the Salem-Keizer School Board, alleging they have been dismissive of parents with differing political views and failed to prioritize the education of students.Casity Troutt filed petitions to recall board Chair Ashley Carson Cottingham, former Chair Osvaldo Avila, and Second Vice Chair Karina Guzmán Ortiz with the Marion County Clerk on Aug. 25…Her petitions reference all three board members voting in August to ban people with concealed carry permits from carrying firearms on school grounds, board members’ support for retaining challenged books about gender and sexuality in school libraries and their handling of public comment during school board meetings.“We’ve got to do something about this school board who is pushing these radicalized agendas and allowing this behavior,” she said”

The Oregon State Board of Education also ruled this month that graduation standards be permanently dropped, so that students do not need to show a mastery of reading, writing and math in order to receive a diploma.

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