Rushed permits for Big Tech but not for life-saving hospitals

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Oregon Senate passed a bill last week that helps expedite the environmental permitting process for big tech companies seeking to set up microchip plants.

Since Oregon was embarrassed this year when Intel announced they would be setting up their next $20 billion dollar plant in Ohio, the word got out that Oregon’s environmental laws are too draconian. The only way Oregon can get a new major chip plant is to create a new shortcut through the environmental permitting process for favored big corporations.

Consider this when analyzing the fact that Oregon sets up barriers to people who wish to set up a hospital or health clinic in their neighborhood.   Through the Certificate of Need process, health care advocates have to prove themselves worthy to government before politicians will grant them the privilege to build a life-saving center in their neighborhood.   The process alone blocks many health care centers from being built.   Many states have no such program, and we haven’t seen any health care catastrophes occurring there.  We have seen a healthcare crisis in Oregon.  In 2019, Oregon was rated the #1 worst hospital capacity state in America.  The politicians didn’t care back then in 2019 because what were the odds that a pandemic would hit in 2020.

What about expediting the permitting process for Oregon to build a port so we could build a LNG plant to reduce energy costs or allow for more shipping to reduce the global supply chain crunch?

Oregon has not only set up barriers to hospitals — they have been outright hostile.  Read our article:

Politicians wreck Oregon hospitals — $103M fallout

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